Auckland jet-lag recovery

After a solid twenty-four hours of being on Dreamliners (only remarkable by the amount I dozed), I was back in NZ & it was hot and sunny. I’d planned a few days in Auckland to try & recover from the exhausting trip and the horrible cold I’d been fighting for a week, and to spend time with good friends.

So that was pretty much what I did – although regular sleep patterns did take a while to resume, not helped by being playfully attacked in the middle of the night by Monkey. Unfortunately, Monkey, a very lovely cat, met his demise later in the week coming off second best against a car – nothing to do with him keeping me awake I must add.

Thanks to all those who took the time to see me, or fed me, or both.

Rangitoto Island from Mount Eden.

Slight sugar overload at Little & Friday.

Edison enjoyed it at least.

The rest of the morning was spent on the beach & hills of Devonport.

The pohutukawas are flowering early this year – hopefully the sign of a good summer to come.

Before long my short stay in Auckland was over & I was on one of these black planes winging my way south to be reunited with my family.

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