Sea World

Mostly pictures today – Sea World was great; lots of cool mammals & fishes (it turns out that ‘fishes’ is a word in the States) & some great cheesy shows. A particular favourite seemed to be getting the killer whale/pilot whale/dolphin/sea lion/whatever to completely soak those brave/silly enough to sit in the first few rows. Photos (from my little camera that was bought to fulfil the desire to easily take photos while riding – hence, they are average) will tell most of the story. While locking my bike (still making my way around streets on the bike – get a car on Monday; 15 odd miles today) up at the gates at opening time, over the PA came “Good morning & welcome to Sea World; please stand for our national anthem”. At which point everyone stopped what they were doing, stood still, hands on heart & listened/sung along – it was weird, it was only the opening of another theme park for the day. Also at the Shamu (killer whale) show all the veterans & those currently serving & their families had to stand up & be applauded. Something else to get used to I suppose.

One Foot in the Grave

Moray eels – these were particularly ugly & this picture could well be a video – they didn’t move; did have a certain charm about them though

Beluga whale – they were cool

Fat walrus – they didn’t do much, but I do remember that they looked a whole lot cooler on a Weet-Bix card I had when I was about six or seven

We are off camping & boating (I can finally have a decent waterski – it’s been a few years) shortly – off to the Colorado River near the California-Arizona border – almost two hundred miles. Update on the mugging – spoke to the detective this morning & they recovered most of the cash I gave up; that’s a pleasant surprise & will save hassle making travel insurance claims. They must have found it on the freeway, which is quite impressive. I think all five are being charged with four counts of robbery & I would hope one of assault. I hope I don’t have to come back from Philly to appear in court.

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