Settling In – Napier

It’s a little strange going back to work after a year, but not too much of a shock really. After a good few months of looking for a suitable job, I took one as a process engineer at a pulp mill just north of Napier (in the Hawke’s Bay region – east coast of the North Island).  The company just happens to own the mountain-bike park next door, so that’s quite attractive; also the commute by bike is a pretty good one (a bit flat, but very scenic around the bay) – I’ve ridden to & from work five days out of the two weeks so far.

There’s plenty to learn and discover – so many new faces at work, yet another new process to get my head around, and a whole new city and surrounds.  I get the impression that the area was one of the first in the country to set up a rather extensive network of cycle trails – so I’ve done a bit of riding on those visiting the few people I know in the area, as I try to familiarise myself with my new home.

Speaking of new homes, I move into a share-house tomorrow and will keep my eye on the market for a suitable house to buy.  I’m starting to get a idea of where I’d like to buy and what I would like in a house – so it’ll just be a case of waiting for something suitable  to come along.

With all that going on, I’ve not done anything terribly exciting – but have ridden around a bit in the sun (for the middle of winter, it’s shockingly warm compared to what I’m used to) and taken the odd photo. So that’s about all I have to share.

Looking around the Bay from outside the motel work put me in for my first two weeks – very handy.  That’s pretty much half of my commute around there – tough alright.

Looking over to Mahia Peninsula and the top of Hawke Bay.

Port Napier (from which our pulp is exported) and the only hill in Napier – this end is called Bluff Hill, the other (out of shot) – Hospital Hill.

Looking south from the hill over Napier and on to Cape Kidnappers – the southern most part of Hawke Bay.

Over Ahuriri Estuary at dusk – on the other side of the motel.

The public space along the Pacific waterfront is rather long – this a small part near the centre of the city.

In this part is also the much-photographed statue of Pania of the Reef.

Another view from Bluff Hill over Marine Parade.

A cathedral apparently – a bit different to those I’m more used to.

The Six Sisters – also on Marine Parade – remind me of being in San Francisco for some reason.

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