To London

After a suitably large last flat dinner at Lonestar, I was finally off – of course I had some thirty hours to get used to this idea. Apart from the numerous episodes of Conchords on the plane, the SAP signs at Hong Kong airport provided a little amusement for my tired mind.

Along with similar ads for Porsche & Asics, the footnote says “The Best Run Businesses Run SAP”. I couldn’t help wondering if this was in spite of SAP and also why was there no poster using NZ Steel as an example.

Arriving, I managed to lug my bike & other two bags through three tube stations & a long way down the road to friends’ house. Also a quick look at Harrow on the Hill & Harrow School where Churchill went & some of Harry Potter was filmed. Thankfully, the shift work preparation managed to negate most of the effects of jet lag.

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