Kiwi Brevet 2015

As a way to get back into NZ riding, see a lot of new places and put to some use all the cycling I’d been doing in the months beforehand – I decided to ride the 2015 edition of the Kiwi Brevet. The 1150 km course shown below takes in an awful lot of the upper South Island. I was hoping to ride about 150 km per day to get back within eight days – just one of those would be the greatest distance I’d ever ridden on a bike in a day before, let alone eight back to back. Still, I thought it was achievable – it turned out it was, I saw some fantastic sights, met some great people on bikes and generally enjoyed it.

Click on the photos below to go to the individual posts about the week.

My pre-brevet thoughts

My first day – Blenheim – Lake Tennyson – 169 km

My second day – Lake Tennyson – Hurunui – 129 km

My third day – Hurunui – Springfield – 144 km

My fourth day – Springfield – Blackball – 188 km

My fifth day – Blackball – Springs Junction – 129 km

My sixth day – Springs Junction – Tapawera – 179 km

My seventh and final day – Tapawera – Blenheim – 240 km

My immediate post-brevet thoughts

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