Moab 2013

One of my favourite, if not the favourite, bike trips ever – a fantastic ten days of great riding, fantastic scenery and even better friends. Here are all the posts in one place.

  • Back in Utah!
    After a repeatedly & much-delayed flight from O’Hare, I was back in Utah for my fourth visit in less than four years – being one of my favourite western states, I was much excited.  That excitement was muted a little by the lateness of the hour, picking up the rental car & completing the easy … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Moab riding begins again
    With my bike picked up, we were off to find some relatively easy singletrack to test gear on – also, I was a bit rusty as far as singletrack went.  Alex & Megan had recently (a week before) received a Tout Terrain Singletrack trailer for towing Finn on singletrack.  With it being single-wheeled, cushioned by … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Will all of the post titles just say "More Moab Riding"?
    Itching to get back on the trails the next day, I somehow decided on Garden Mesa in the Sovereign Trail system (just further north of town than the MOAB Brand trails) to be my more difficult ride of the day. As I remember, & it seemed a bit odd, I generally decided what I wanted … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Porcupine Rim revisited
    We arranged to meet Jeremy, who had not quite achieved demigod status by this stage, Friday morning as he was camping (well as far as it can be called camping when you have a VW van) in the area.  I was keen to show Megan the famed Porcupine Rim ride later that day & Jeremy … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Dead Horse & Magnificient Seven
    With the spill the previous day, Jeremy proved to us that he is in fact mortal by having a rather tedious, I imagine, strained elbow & having to opt out of the day’s ride. We were intending to go & ride Captain Ahab, on Jeremy’s exhortation; his ailment meant that we would save it for … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Back to 18 Road - Fruita
    Somewhere in amongst waiting for Megan’s bike to be finished at the workshop, our Sunday plan of a family ride higher up the La Sals was scuppered when we were told there was still snow up there.  Rather hastily,  Megan & I decided it was time for our daytrip to Fruita (across the border in … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Klondike mud
    Outrageously, rain had set in come rising time on Monday morning. The edge of the storm we’d been hearing about for a few days seemed to have come to visit. We settled for a morning of doing things that people living out normal lives do as a matter of course – laundry, using a shower … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Slickrock completely & Fins 'n Things
    After that clear night shown in the previous post, it was rather chilly and a little grey when we rose Tuesday morning.   We spent a fair bit of the morning in the large RV of Chad & Michelle while Jackie did her best to cook pancakes that didn’t taste like garlic – & despite much … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Snow, Arches & Captain Ahab
    Waking up Wednesday morning, well before dawn it was pretty apparent it was a lot colder and the tent was sitting a little heavy. Sure enough, when the light came around there was a fair layer of snow on most things except the ground – from which it melted pretty quickly. Not overly keen to … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • A Snowy Porcupine
    I was adamant that Jackie should ride Porcupine Rim before leaving us as I had just as much fun, if not more, on it as we had had on Amasa Back & Captain Ahab the previous day.  This of course was more than convenient as I was extra keen to ride it again.  Alex was … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • Last Moab day - Slickrock & Klondike again
    It was with some (OK, great) sadness that I ate my last bowl of camp porridge and had my last mug of Egyptian tea for breakfast – for Friday was our last day in Moab.  I still hadn’t put in a fast lap of the Slickrock Trail – something I was keen to do to … Continue reading Moab 2013
  • The hire bike post
    I remember somewhere promising a post about the bike I hired for ten days recently in Moab – and there goes a fair chunk of my readership. Not having a bike suitable for Moab any more in England, I decided I would hire one in Moab. I could have bought one in the USA (either … Continue reading Moab 2013

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